Wide Field Astrophotography – Bernie Young

We have a Canon Power Shot 8MPx camera circa 2007 which will be good for wide field astrophotography (i.e., without a telescope).  There is a Plexiglas shoe in the dome that can be used to mount it on the 16″ for time exposures. Images suitable for this camera are retrograde motion of the naked eye planets, meteor showers, circumpolar motion, and Iridium flares.  It can take movies from video rate to 2 second time lapse.  Mr. Goodwrenches is working on a way to capture spectra with it using our diffraction grating.  A handout with suggestions for the Jupiter retrograde project are with it;  they may be used as a guide for still shots of other subjects.  The MANUALS folder in the Administrator directory of the Lenovo contains a PDF of the manual for those who are interested.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use.