Meteor Showers

Star Party night of Thursday, July 27th also coincides with the Alpha Capricornids peak nights Jul 26-27.  This meteor shower is known for bright fireballs!

What are you doing on Friday Aug 11th and/or Saturday, Aug 12th?  Perseid Meteor Showers will be peaking at that time.  The Cape Cod Astronomical Society received an email (see below) from the staff at the Cape Cod National Seashore.

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Binocular Viewing at Star Parties

Next star party on Saturday Jun 3, 2017 marks the beginning of using our Oberwerk 20 x 80 Deluxe III binoculars on a hefty parallelogram mount.

The Oberwerk binos have 3.2 degree FOV, with a 4mm exit pupil and fantastic optics.  Why such a big pair of binos?  Sharing the view!

The binocular program will feature using, Binocular Highlights by Gary Seronik and we will start with the object M44 The Beehive Cluster.  More can be learned from his website including well described objects of interest.

The binocular program will have a station during star parties, so:

1)Visitors gain a better appreciation for what’s up tonight and develops the sky overview for guests.

2) Participants can then better introduce the night sky to friends, family and guests.

3)With more experience comes a more solid understanding of different binoculars and judging their capabilities.

4) Most importantly, this should be a fun discussion among participants about the night sky!


Google Drive Resources

Under the Resources and Tools tab, we have the “Google Drive Resources”.

Anything we would like to have published via a link on our website will be added to this “Publish” folder.  The intent is to allow students, staff and the general public access to files for projects, manuals and other useful information.   Enjoy!


Upcoming Speakers

Cape Cod Astronomical Society Speakers

The monthly speaking line up is listed under “Meetings and Events“.

If you would like to give a talk, either as the main speaker of the evening, or as an ancillary speaker, please notify Jim Lynch at

Charitable Donations and AmazonSmile

The Cape Cod Astronomical Foundation maintains the observatory and equipment from charitable donations. Charitable donations allow us to provide the existing environment of research grade equipment available to students, members of the society, and the community at large. Keeping the equipment operational and exploring new methods to research and investigate astronomy at the observatory requires financial resources and the commitment of a dedicated staff of volunteers. If you would like to contribute financially or as a volunteer, please contact us!

Additionally, the observatory requires supplies like batteries, tools, cleaning materials, and parts. These minor operational and maintenance items are partially funded by Amazon. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible purchases. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item minus any rebates and excluding shipping & handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, or service charges. You can link to our organization with Please help support this effort which presently yields $10-$20 per month at no cost!

Wide Field Astrophotography – Bernie Young

We have a Canon Power Shot 8MPx camera circa 2007 which will be good for wide field astrophotography (i.e., without a telescope).  There is a Plexiglas shoe in the dome that can be used to mount it on the 16″ for time exposures. Images suitable for this camera are retrograde motion of the naked eye planets, meteor showers, circumpolar motion, and Iridium flares.  It can take movies from video rate to 2 second time lapse.  Mr. Goodwrenches is working on a way to capture spectra with it using our diffraction grating.  A handout with suggestions for the Jupiter retrograde project are with it;  they may be used as a guide for still shots of other subjects.  The MANUALS folder in the Administrator directory of the Lenovo contains a PDF of the manual for those who are interested.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to use.

Astronomy Day! – Apr 29, 2017

Weather forecast for today:  thunderstorms in the morning followed by clouds.  Sounds like April on Cape Cod.

The next Astronomy Day is in the Fall — Sept 20th.  There are many resources on the Internet to learn about Astronomy Day and how to participate.  I have downloaded a copy of the Astronomy-Day-Handbook-7th-edition from Sky and Telescope.

          “This Handbook was designed to assist institutions, organizations, individuals and combinations thereof to plan and execute special events for Astronomy Day. Therefore, groups hosting Astronomy Day events have permission to:  Print out this entire Handbook  Duplicate all or part of this Handbook for local Astronomy Day volunteers.  For any other use, contact the Astronomical League and/or Sky & Telescope.”

Please take a look at it to get ideas and learn how to volunteer for participation in an event like this.  If enough people express interest, we can host Astronomy Day on Sept 20, 2017!