Father’s Day 2017


Phys.org article presents that nearly all stars are born as binaries.  How fun to consider our parent star has a fraternal twin!

The Werner Schmidt Observatory showcases several binaries during star parties.  Albireo in the constellation Cygnus displays a contrasting color binary system.  Polaris, our North Star, is a multiple star system.  Alcor – Mizar systems are both binaries and possibly also binary to one another.

(Credit: All images from SkySafari Pro v


Albireo in Constellation Cygnus
Albireo Binary System









Alcor Mizar in Constellation Ursa Major


Mizar – Alcor Systems


The Alcor Mizar system was reputed to be a test of one’s vision, where being able to see both stars indicated fair vision.

Alcor and Mizar have angular separation of 11′ 49″.  Alcor is a binary system — Mizar is a binary system.  Alcor and Mizar systems are also thought to be gravitationally bound to one another.



Mizar – Mizar Systems



Mizar A – Mizar B have angular separation of 14″ and are easily detectable in all of our telescopes.  Components A and B also have component binary stars making this a quadruple system.   




Sharing the strong possibility of all stars being born binary with our guests this summer is sure to engage lively discussions.