Binocular Viewing at Star Parties

Next star party on Saturday Jun 3, 2017 marks the beginning of using our Oberwerk 20 x 80 Deluxe III binoculars on a hefty parallelogram mount.

The Oberwerk binos have 3.2 degree FOV, with a 4mm exit pupil and fantastic optics.  Why such a big pair of binos?  Sharing the view!

The binocular program will feature using, Binocular Highlights by Gary Seronik and we will start with the object M44 The Beehive Cluster.  More can be learned from his website including well described objects of interest.

The binocular program will have a station during star parties, so:

1)Visitors gain a better appreciation for what’s up tonight and develops the sky overview for guests.

2) Participants can then better introduce the night sky to friends, family and guests.

3)With more experience comes a more solid understanding of different binoculars and judging their capabilities.

4) Most importantly, this should be a fun discussion among participants about the night sky!