Astronomy Day! – Apr 29, 2017

Weather forecast for today:  thunderstorms in the morning followed by clouds.  Sounds like April on Cape Cod.

The next Astronomy Day is in the Fall — Sept 20th.  There are many resources on the Internet to learn about Astronomy Day and how to participate.  I have downloaded a copy of the Astronomy-Day-Handbook-7th-edition from Sky and Telescope.

          “This Handbook was designed to assist institutions, organizations, individuals and combinations thereof to plan and execute special events for Astronomy Day. Therefore, groups hosting Astronomy Day events have permission to:  Print out this entire Handbook  Duplicate all or part of this Handbook for local Astronomy Day volunteers.  For any other use, contact the Astronomical League and/or Sky & Telescope.”

Please take a look at it to get ideas and learn how to volunteer for participation in an event like this.  If enough people express interest, we can host Astronomy Day on Sept 20, 2017!