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Dear CCAS Member/Friend,                 June 20, 2021 (Solstice)

As anyone who has logged onto this website since March 28, 2020 has noticed, this site has been dormant since then, which was the 15 month heart of the Covid pandemic in the USA. Our activities that involved direct personal contact, such as our lectures at the Dennis-Yarmouth HS library, star parties at the Werner-Schmidt Observatory, and in-person mentoring of school projects, were put on indefinite hold.

Thankfully, Zoom allowed us to continue our lecture series, and we made that available to all those on our mailing list, i.e. club members, club friends, and local HS students and teachers. We even had reciprocal Zoom lectures with two off-Cape astronomy clubs.

But, now that more than 70% of Cape Cod residents have been vaccinated and things are returning to normal, CCAS too is looking resume our usual activities. It will take some transition time during the summer, and there may be some residual restrictions until things return to 100% normal (September, perhaps), but we will NOT be dormant this summer. Details of upcoming events will now be posted on the website’s calendar, as well as in our newsletter, First Light Lite (which also will be posted here). And more updates will also be coming beyond these.

Let me not waste any more time, and let you look at our site, which like much else, is coming back to life.

Jim Lynch,  President, CCAS