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Dear CCAS Member/Friend,                               September 2, 2021

This June I believed that, given the high vaccination levels on Cape Cod, our activities would soon be back to normal. I didn’t count on the Delta variant of COVID that has roared through our community this summer. The light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be a train.

Despite that sad fact, CCAS is still going to be active, and indeed more active than we were in the past year and a half. Our monthly lectures won’t be presented live at DYHS or in Falmouth as we hoped, and will still be on Zoom until at least January. But our Star Parties, which were cancelled the past eighteen months, will be back again in October. And, hopefully, our school activities will ramp up again, beyond (but still including) the book program we had over the last year. We are talking to the school teachers and administrators about this, and we will see! So, as I said, we are hopeful that we are heading back towards a reasonable semblance of our former active state.

The details of the Star Parties and other club activities can be found in our September 1st, 2021 First Light Lite, which is posted with our monthly newsletters. I will refer you to that, rather than repeat what is said there in great detail.

I hope the summer has treated you well, and we look forward to sharing the late summer and autumn skies with you!

Jim Lynch,  President, CCAS